SDG Workshops

Why SDG Workshops?

Our “Kickstarting SDGs” workshops provide the language, practical tools and tips for businesses to effective incorporate Sustainable Development Goals ( ) (SDGs) in their goals and operations. In our workshop, we focus on the why, as well as the how, on making SDGs work for your company, for sustainability goals as well as for competitiveness. We discuss the business case on making it work, as give concrete examples on how businesses can benefit from achieving SDGs.

In our “Measuring SDGs” and “Reporting SDGs” workshops, we’ll discuss how to help companies measure and report on their efforts around the SDGs, in ways that both show impact and are aligned with emerging best reporting practices. We partner with Turnkey Group to provide advanced sustainability software that collects, monitor and report on SDGs data in a transparent, consistent and comparative manner.

We also offer “Empowering students to take actions on the SDGs workshop” for students to have an understanding of SDGs and how they align with their learning and personal goals. SDGs closely align with the International Baccalaureate and DSE Liberal Studies curricula. We use SDG flashcards as a learning tool for students to understand SDGs.

How to Measuring the SDGs ?

After an understanding of SDGs, we’ll discuss the best practice and process on “how” to execute those in business. We’ll identify relevant SDGs for your company, discuss how to embed SDGs in business strategy and the use of tools that help access impact against relevant SDG in a workshop format. We’ll suggest how to align current business metrics with SDGs and potentially developing additional ones, and working out how to measure success against them.

To measure SDGs, Encompass has partnered with Turnkey Group Limited, a leading boutique consultancy firm in Hong Kong that specializes in providing sustainability platform in helping companies and their supply chains manage environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact, mitigate risk and improve profitability with a particular focus in SDGs. We suggest our participating companies to use Turnkey or similar platforms to measure SDGs.

Participants will achieve the following learning objectives:

  • Identify and measuring relevant the SDGs
  • Built capacity on SDGs impact measurement
  • Align business metrics with SDGs
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